About Allergo Natur

Allergo natur® — one of the most experienced and biggest encasing producers in Germany

Allergo natur® started developing and producing mattress and bedding encasings for people with dust mite allergies more than 20 years ago.

Today we are one of the biggest and most experienced allergy encasing brands in Germany. Every few minutes an allergy sufferer in Germany buys an allergo® encasing which helps them sleep and feel better.

We put compassion for people and responsibility for nature at the heart of all our efforts. We believe this is the only way to develop our beneficial allergo natur® health products.

Allergo natur® stands for 20 years of experience and German product innovations

As an encasing and allergy specialist, it is our goal to constantly further develop and improve our products for allergy sufferers. This is why we put a strong focus on leading-edge research and development. The dedicated team members in our allergo® research unit

  • work together with doctors and scientists from renowned clinics and universities
  • stay well-informed about the latest findings in allergy, asthma and eczema research
  • strive for excellence by constantly testing new materials and developing new ideas

With our innovative allergo Base & Top® mattress encasings, we have developed the first modular encasing system on the market. This well thought out product combines optimal sleeping comfort, complete allergen retention, and easy handling – making it beneficial for allergy sufferers’ health and highly convenient at the same time.