Allergy encasings

The allergo® Base & Top mattress encasing – a unique modular conceptallergo-base-and-top-beschriftet

Most dust mites live in mattresses, where they find the best living conditions: a warm and humid environment with

plenty of food. It is crucial for dust mite allergy sufferers to encase their mattress to protect themselves from dust mite allergens.

Installing a mattress encasing can be quite a hassle, especially for larger mattresses, or in small spaces. Allergy sufferers who like to wash their encasing frequently, have a lot of work removing it and putting it back on each time – even requiring two people.

The product developers at allergo natur® took the design of our high quality mattress encasings to the next level, and came up with an idea so simple, it’s genius.

The innovative allergo® all-around zipper allows it to entirely take the Base and the Top of the mattress encasing apart and to easily put them back together again. This way the Base and the Top can be installed and removed separately – without ever lifting the mattress.

The allergo® all-around zipper also has other important benefits. It was manufactured to be extremely sturdy and durable to withstand frequent use and heavy wear. It was also tested and independently certified to be impermeable for dust mites and other allergens, thanks to a special lining on the backside of the zipper.

Allergo® Base — strong for long-term use

The first easy step of installing the allergo® Base & Top mattress encasing is to slide the Base part under the mattress and to pull it in place. With its reinforced edge, the allergo® Base perfectly encloses the bottom part of the mattress, preventing dust mites and dust mite allergens from below from entering or leaving your mattress. The allergo® Base is made of an exceptionally durable, tear-proof, and allergen-proof microfiber fabric that meets the highest technical and medical standards and is designed for long-term use.

Allergo® Top — flexible and easy to use

The second easy step is to place the allergo® Top on top of the mattress. Then Base and Top are zipped together with the mite-tight all-around zipper. Done! The allergo® Top provides important protection from above. Each top fits on every base of the same dimensions. For more flexibility, you can buy a second Top.

Allergo Base & Top® — convenient in everyday use

Allergo Base & Top® mattress encasings are particularly easy to handle in everyday use. To wash, simply unfasten the convenient all-round zipper. If you don’t want to wash the whole encasing, you can only wash the Top. This way you save water and energy and leave more room for other laundry in your washing machine. After the wash, there is no need to lift up your heavy mattress and stir up allergens for re-installing the encasing.

There are good reasons for choosing genuine allergo® encasings

Allergo® natur exceeds the standards for modern mattress and bedding encasings in quality, allergy relief, and comfort.

  1. Highest quality – independently tested and certified

To guarantee that our products meet the highest quality standards at all times, allergo® certificateencasings and materials are meticulously tested and certified by independent and internationally renowned testing institutes.

  • Allergo® encasings are continuously tested by the renowned Hohenstein Institute, an internationally accredited test laboratory, and certified to be impermeable for dust mite allergens – based on a special real-life testing method with real allergens.
  • The high particle retention of allergo natur® materials was confirmed even after 50 washes at the international IBT laboratory in the US
  • Allergo natur® encasings have been awarded the ÖKO TEST seal of approval, by Germany’s leading consumer association and product test organization – with focus on ecological aspects and health
  • All allergo natur® encasings earned the label “Confidence in Textiles” according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, certifying that our products and all their components are 100% free of harmful substances and are safe for humans and the environment
  1. Best allergy relief

The most crucial step in preventing allergic reactions is to avoid contact with the allergy triggers — the proteins in mite feces, eggs, and remains of dead mites. An effective and proven action to avoid contact with dust mite allergens, is to dust mite proof your bed with high quality encasings. Allergo® encasings top the best-in-class products on the market in particle retention and breathability and are an essential contribution to the health of allergy sufferers.

  • Allergo® encasings are made of high-end microfiber fabric which is extra tightly woven and compressed under high temperatures (calendered).
  • Allergo® encasings are independently tested and certified to be impermeable for dust mites and even the tiniest allergen particles (average pore size of 0.3µ).
  • Double-stitched seams and extra-tight zippers with internal covers contribute to complete particle retention.
  • Our encasings are extremely breathable, creating a pleasant and healthy sleeping climate
  • Allergo® encasings are a “Class 1 medical device”
  1. Highest comfort and easiest handling

With allergo® encasings allergy sufferers receive the best protection allergo-base-and-top-comic-usa-01-01from dust mites and other allergens in their mattress and bedding – without ever compromising their usual sleeping comfort. Our innovative allergo Base & Top® concept guarantees the easiest handling ever – and is the first modular encasing system on the market.

  • Allergo® encasings are never coated. There is no plastic feel or rustling sound, often found with other encasing brands and disturbing your night’s sleep.
  • With their silky smooth touch and feel, allergo® encasings guarantee excellent sleeping comfort.
  • Our innovative allergo Base & Top® concept guarantees the easiest handling ever. Thanks to the convenient all-around zipper, the Base and the Top of the encasing can be installed and removed separately – without ever lifting the mattress.
  • Allergo fabrics are extremely durable, stretch and tear proof – even under heaviest use.
  • All our encasings are easy-care and can be machine washed hot and tumble dried without ever losing their protective function.