No-scratch pajama

Dorimed – Neurodermatitis Overall – big help for little folks – for an easier life with neurodermatitis

Dorimed – Neurodermatitis Overall – prevents scratching and helps ensure a quiet night

Allergien frühzeitig ekennenAs parents of a child who is affected by this you’re sure to know all about those turbulent nights in which you take your child to bed and watch over it to make sure it doesn’t start scratching and drawing blood again. Neither you nor your child manage to get a good night’s sleep.

This is why many doctors and dermatologists recommend that children wear a special Dorimed Overall at night. The DORIMED Neurodermatitis suit is sealed at the hands and the feet in order to prevent your child scratching during the night.



Children need sleep – and parents do too!

The high quality, lovingly designed Dorimed Overall with its beautiful Princess Melli and Captain Jack Melko designs ensures that your child is optimally protected and no longer scratches itself raw, drawing blood. And you finally get your well-earned sleep again. After all, children and parents need a peaceful night’s sleep so they can do all of the things they need to do the next day.


The Dorimed Neurodermatitis Overall for boys and girls with its unique designs – a suit that not only helps, but that your child also likes wearing!Allergo Natur - Allergo TH2 - Dorimed - Neurodermitis - Overall


  • 100% cooling cotton
  • optionally available with external seams
  • integrated mittens and socks
  • front zipper
  • material satisfies the international Oeko-Tex standard 100, class 1 (suitable for babies)


Allergo Natur Encasings: the secure protection against dust mite allergens

As a supporting treatment measure, buying an Encasing  is also recommended, as dust mite allergens are frequently a triggering factor with neurodermatitis. An encasing is an allergen-proof duvet cover that effectively prevents contact with dust mite allergens. Please discuss it with your doctor!